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Working at Sealaska Heritage

Sealaska Heritage is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy, and parenthood. As an Alaskan Native owned employer, we recognize and support shareholder hire in accordance to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) law; therefore, when two candidates are equal qualifications the shareholder will get preference. The best-qualified applicant is our focus when a hiring decision is made.

Job Openings

Project Assistant
SHI is seeking a project assistant who will provide administrative support for its language pathway program. Among other things, the assistant will maintain documentation of completed language acquisition assessments, coordinate all travel related to project, support planning of annual summer language institute, and support language coordinators and project direction in planning of classroom and community language internships. Please send resume and cover letter or inquiries to or apply through “careers” link. (Job Description)

Culture and History Director
SHI is seeking a culture and history director to provide management and direction for Sealaska Heritage Institute’s program of ethno historical, cultural anthropological, and social scientific research into topics of Southeast Alaska Native history; sacred and historic sites documentation; subsistence practices; repatriation; and traditional cultural practices, values, beliefs, and knowledge in a wide variety of areas.  Projects may be developed in response to specific issues of public interest related to the sustainability of traditional cultural practices in the Native communities of Southeast Alaska.  Research results will be presented in reports and other media such as web sites that are scholarly in style but are also accessible to the public. The director will also program leadership in coordination with other departments; outside entities such as government agencies, and tribal organizations; and with professional organizations and scholars. Please send resume and cover letter or inquiries to or apply through “careers” link. (Job Description)

Finance Associate
SHI is seeking a finance associate to provide accounting and administrative assistance to the administration office and other departments at Sealaska Heritage. This employee will assist with certain aspects of the accounting cycle including purchasing and receiving, accounts payable, depositing of funds, payroll and related reporting; disburse scholarship awards & process refunds; and  assist the retail director with reporting/depositing of daily sales and assist with physical inventory at year end, among other things. Please send resume and cover letter or inquiries to or apply through “careers” link. (Job Description)

Community Liaisons
SHI is seeking community liaisons in Craig and Klawock for its early literacy program, Baby Raven Reads. Among other things, liaisons will lead, coordinate and staff local family literary activities, provide caregiver training and commit to 30 hours a month, nine months of the year. More on Baby Raven Reads: Apply by sending a resume and brief statement of interest to (Position Description).

Art Administrative Assistant
Sealaska Heritage is seeking an art administrative assistant, who will provide administrative and communications support to the Sealaska Heritage Art Department. The position serves as the project lead of some arts activities and project assistant on other activities.  Please send resume and cover letter or inquiries to or apply through “careers” link. (Job Description)

Construction: Interested in working at the Sealaska Heritage Arts Campus?

Employment opportunities vary by trade.  Dawson Construction has union agreements for some of the trades, which limits the pool of workers to the union hall. The following trades do not have union agreements. Interested workers who have commercial construction experience should contact Dawson or subcontractors to inquire about work:

•             Union/Non-union Carpenters (Dawson)

•             Iron Workers (Dawson)

•             Laborers (Dawson)

•             Electricians (Anderson Bros)

Other trades will be hired through the union hall, but Dawson has encouraged Native hire from the hall. Shareholders applying with the union hall should express interest in the Sealaska Heritage Arts Campus.

You can apply online at and/or contact Patrick Shanley at 907-780-1500 for more information.  Demand for workers fluctuates depending on the work phase of the project.     

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Contractors

Community Liaison
Sealaska Heritage is seeking a community liaison in Klawock to assist with SHI’s Baby Raven Reads program there. This person will be the point of contact in the community for all communications regarding the project. People who are interested should contact Tess Olympia at 907.586.9201 or or (Expectations and Commitments)