Sealaska Heritage


New Arts Campus
SHI kicks off campaign

(Website) (Brochure) (Donate) SHI has officially launched its fundraising campaign to build a Native arts campus at Heritage Square, kicking off what will become a preeminent cultural space in downtown Juneau. The Sealaska Heritage Arts Campus is phase two of SHI’s vision to make Juneau the Northwest Coast arts capital of the world and to designate NWC art a national treasure. 



SHI today launched the construction phase of its Sealaska Heritage Arts Campus, putting it one step closer to making Juneau the Northwest Coast arts capital of the world. Today marked a proud moment for SHI, as it was an exciting milestone to pass, said SHI President Rosita Worl...(more)

Indigenous Human Rights

SHI will sponsor a free online lecture this Monday on Indigenous human rights as part of its series in recognition of Native American Heritage Month. The presentation, International Indigenous Human Rights: An Introduction, will be given by Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough, international chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Council.

New Video Tutorials
Chilkat, Ravenstail Prep

SHI has released a video series that teaches how to prepare materials to make Chilkat and Ravenstail robes in an effort to support artists and spark a cottage industry, especially in rural areas. The six-part series, which features the noted weaver Lily Hope, gives step-by-step tutorials on how to boil bark, prepare wool, thigh-spin warp and dye weft with copper, hemlock bark and moss.

New U.S. stamp

The U.S. Postal Service has tapped a Tlingit artist based in Juneau to create a Northwest Coast art stamp for distribution in 2021. The design of the stamp, titled “Raven Story” by Rico Lanáat’ Worl, was unveiled this week by the Postal Service as part of its Forever Stamps series. SHI is working with the agency to hold a release ceremony next year.


david katzeek kingeisti

A virtual memorial ceremony has been scheduled for Shangukeidí (Thunderbird) Clan Leader David Katzeek, who Walked Into the Forest on Oct. 28 at the age of 77. The event marks the first time a traditional memorial ceremony will be held virtually in order to keep the clan leaders, family members and well-wishers safe during the pandemic. (Watch Ceremony) (Memorial Website)

Art, Museum studies

SHI is offering fall 2021 scholarships to undergraduate or graduate students who are pursuing arts and science degrees with a focus in Northwest Coast arts, studio arts, performing arts, cinematic arts and technology, or creative writing; or a degree with a concentration in museum studies. Deadline: Dec. 15.

new pledge

The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust has pledged $400,000 toward construction of the Sealaska Heritage Arts Campus, currently being built in Juneau by SHI. The donation, which will be given only when the institute raises the remaining balance needed to finish construction, would put SHI a step closer to its fundraising goal of $13 million. The institute still needs to raise about $2 million.

northwest coast art

SHI will sponsor a free online lecture series on Northwest Coast art featuring artists David R. Boxley, Lily Hope, Nicholas Galanin, Melissa Shaginoff and Joel Isaak, Preston Singletary, Crystal and Rico Worl and Alison Bremner, scholar Christopher Green and former president and CEO of the Peabody Dan Monroe.

Native American heritage

SHI will sponsor the following lectures and special event in honor of Native American Heritage Month and Walter Soboleff Day.  All lectures will be live streamed on SHI’s YouTube channel at noon. The series, which focuses on citizens and shareholders in Alaska Native corporations and tribes, is also offered as part of a one-credit course through the University of Alaska Southeast.

Native Youth Olympics
Coach Training

SHI is offering a free, online class for people who want to give back to their community by becoming a coach for Native Youth Olympics. No experience needed! For more info, contact NYO Coach Kyle Worl at or 907.227.4998. (Flyer)

delayed by pandemic

Sealaska Heritage  and Hoonah Indian Association are collaborating on a study exploring the potential biological impact of historical trauma in Alaska Native Peoples and how participation in cultural events may mediate this potential impact. Researchers planned to return to Juneau and Hoonah this year to discuss preliminary results and next steps. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers will be postponing their visit for a year.

Frog Button Blanket

A Washington State man has donated an old Frog button blanket to Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) that is thought to date to the late nineteenth century. The blanket was owned by the late Ethel Kiley, who was born in Klukwan and may have been a Tlingit Raven of the Gaanaxteidí clan, which uses a Frog crest.

baby raven reads
Award for Excellence

SHI's Baby Raven Reads program is one of five recipients in the state chosen for the 2020 Contributions to Literacy in Alaska award given by the Alaska Center for the Book. The center, which is affiliated with the Library of Congress’ Center for the Book, gave Baby Raven Reads its Sue Sherif Literacy Award for excellence in early childhood literacy.

baby raven reads expands
5 new communities served

Sealaska Heritage has received a federal grant to expand its award-winning Baby Raven Reads program to five additional communities in Southeast Alaska. The grant, awarded by the Alaska Native Education Program, will allow SHI to offer the early-literacy program to Alaska Native families with children ages 5 or younger in Kake, Klukwan, Haines, Metlakatla and Ketchikan.

Job OpportunitIES

SHI is seeking a culture and history director, a finance associate, an education project manager, Baby Raven Reads community liaisons, and an art administrative assistant to provide support on art projects.

New series on education

SHI will sponsor a free weekly lecture series in September to acquaint the public with culturally-responsive education in Southeast Alaska and delve into the educational system as perceived through the Native world view. The goal is to unveil the educational inequity and social injustices that have long been a part of the educational system and history in Alaska. (Lectures)

Dauenhauer Estate

SHI has won a federal grant to process and make available a large archives left by the late scholars Richard Xwaayeenák̲ and Nora Ḵeixwnéi Dauenhauer, who played a critical role in documenting Tlingit oral traditions and producing the Tlingit language materials students use today.  The $150,000 grant will allow SHI to process the entire Dauenhauer Literary Estate.

Cyril George Photos

The family of the late Tlingit traditional scholar and master storyteller Cyril George, Sr., has donated a vast photo collection to Sealaska Heritage that documents 75 years of Alaska Native life and history. The gift includes an estimated 4,000 images, and it is thought to be the largest collection of photographs made by a Tlingit person. 

scholars recruited

Sealaska Heritage has recruited 18 Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian scholars to revitalize and perpetuate Southeast Alaska Native languages through a program at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS). Through the initiative, SHI and UAS are offering immersive language training for the scholars.

Cultural Training
Registration Open

SHI is recruiting Juneau School District elementary school teachers, support staff and administrators to participate in its cultural orientation program, which aims to incorporate Native world views into schools and promote cross-cultural understanding. The program, Thru the Cultural Lens, provides 50 hours of cultural orientations and includes a stipend. (Register)

Degree program debuts

The University of Alaska Southeast, in partnership with Sealaska Heritage, for the first time is offering a new Associate of Arts (AA) degree with an emphasis on Northwest Coast arts. The undergraduate program, recently unveiled in the UAS academic catalog for 2020-2021, includes a wide spectrum of classes.

NWC Art books

A Seattle resident has donated a collection of books on Northwest Coast (NWC) art to the Sealaska Heritage library. Lesley Jacobs, who studied NWC art under the formline design scholar Bill Holm, gave more than 20 books to SHI for the benefit of art students.


New Acquisition
Huge research library

SHI has acquired a vast and important collection of books and research materials on the Northwest Coast, Sub-Arctic and Arctic culture areas. The collection, which was largely donated to SHI by Dr. Herbert Maschner, a retired anthropologist and academic administrator, consists of more than 1,600 volumes, including very rare books and reports and many first editions.