Sealaska Heritage


Shiggoap (Alfie Price)

SHI sponsored a free lecture by Shiggoap (Alfie Price), one of the co-founders of the Juneau Sm’algya̱x (Ts’msyen language) learners group. Alfie gave a brief description of how the Juneau Sm’algya̱x (Ts’msyan language) learners group do their work and addressed the education model of the group’s classes, goals, and impacts on learners. 

chasing and repousse tools

SHI will sponsor a class on how to make chasing and repoussé tools from Oct. 14-Nov. 4 with teacher Rudolph Isturis. Previous experience in chasing and repoussé required. Open until filled. (Flyer)

copper engraving

SHI, in partnership with the University of Alaska Southeast, will offer copper engraving class Nov. 5-19, with teacher Abel Ryan. This is a beginner’s level course and offered for UAS credit. Previous carving and formline experience is encouraged. (Flyer)

Skin sewing

SHI , in collaboration with Huna Heritage Foundation, will sponsor an in-person, hand skin-sewing workshop in Hoonah with teacher Louise Kadinger from Oct. 12-15. Space is limited. $100 fee covers a sea otter hide at a $350 value, as well as patterns, supplies, and instruction. Scholarships available for HHF members. To apply, contact Amelia Wilson at or 907-789-8582. (Flyer)

Formling intensive

SHI is sponsoring a formline design intensive in Klawock from Sept. 15-24 with teacher David R. Boxley. No previous formline experience is required. Open until filled. (Flyer)

Language lecture
Daaljíni Cruise

SHI sponsored a recent lecture by Daaljíni Cruise on Haa Yoo X̱ʼatángi Kúdi, a Tlingit language nest hosted by Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. Daaljíni provided a timeline and progression of Haa Yoo X̱ʼatángi Kúdi and how it came to be.  


Join our in-person or virtual dialogue to share your thoughts and ideas for the future of the Tlingit Culture, Language, and Literacy (TCLL) Program at one of our upcoming community dialogues. Information gathered at each event will be used to create a 5-year strategic plan for the TCLL program. held in partnership with TCLL and the Association of Alaska School Boards. (Flyer)

SHI chair retires
new director, chair

SHI's longtime chair is retiring from its board of trustees. Tlingit leader Slath Jaa Klaa Lákooti (Marlene Johnson), who has served on SHI’s board since 1990 and as its chair since 2011, will cede her seat to the noted Tlingit glass artist Preston Singletary. The SHI board appointed its trustee Vicki Soboleff for the role of chair.

Yakutat Workshop
Skin sewing

Sealaska Heritage, in collaboration with Yakutat Tlingit Tribe, will sponsor an in-person, hand skin-sewing workshop in Yakutat with teacher Jennie Wheeler from Sept. 14-17. Space is limited. Scholarships available through YTT. (Flyer)

Language lecture
X̱’unei Lance Twitchell

SHI sponsored a recent lecture by Dr. X̱’unei Lance Twitchell on languages in the Alaska. In his lecture, X̱’unei recognized the legacy of Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Richard Dauenhauer and identified the types of language programs and sharing strategies for decolonial approaches to language reclamation.

spruce-root weaving

SHI, in partnership with Kootznoowoo Inc., will sponsor a spruce-root weaving class in Angoon from Sept. 12-25 with teacher Aánutein Debbie Head. No experience is needed to successfully complete this workshop. (Flyer)

lecture series
Southeast Native languages

SHI has expanded its free lecture series on Southeast Alaska Native languages to include additional talks in September. In the lectures, guest speakers focus on the challenges faced by language students learning Lingít (Tlingit), aad Kíl (Haida) and Sm'algyax (Tsimshian).

Seaweed reproduction

SHI sponsored a lecture in August on the unique and fascinating way seaweeds reproduce that sets them apart from plants. In her lecture, Dr. Schery Umanzor delved into the intricacies of their reproductive life and explored their various strategies to ensure their survival.

Hydaburg workshop

SHI, in collaboration with Hydaburg Cooperative Association, will sponsor a hand skin-sewing workshop in Hydaburg with teacher Louise Kadinger from Oct. 5-8. Fee of $100 covers all supplies and instruction. Fee of $100 covers all supplies and instruction. (Flyer)

Mercury in humans, animals

SHI sponsored a lecture in August on the approaches to assessing exposure of humans to mercury, and exposure and potential effects in select marine mammals. In his talk, Dr. Todd O’Hara reviewed the current understanding of mercury in marine ecosystems and implications for human exposure in Alaska and Mexico. 


Sitka Workshop
Spruce-root weaving

SHI, in partnership with Sitka Tribe of Alaska, will sponsor a workshop in Sitka on how to weave with spruce roots from Sept. 2-12 with teacher Aánutein Debbie Head. Scholarships available to Sitka Tribe of Alaska members! (Flyer)

shi testimony
IACA amendments

SHI is urging the federal government to hold off on implementing proposed amendments to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA), a truth-in-advertising law that prohibits misrepresentation in the marketing of Indian art and craft products within the United States. SHI testified at a hearing in New Mexico on Aug. 18, 2023.

seattle workshop
moccasin making

Sealaska Heritage will sponsor a class on how to make moccasins with Tlingit teacher Carmaleeda Estrada in Seattle from Aug. 31-Sept. 3. Fee: $75—includes all supplies needed to make one pair of moccasins per participant. No experience necessary. (Flyer)


cultural training
memorial protocols

SHI will host a cultural training on memorial ceremonies this month led by its Council of Traditional Scholars. The workshop, scheduled Aug. 28, is targeting young clan leaders and spokespeople and is open to tribal members in-person at SHI’s clan house in Juneau or through Zoom. To attend in-person or via Zoom, pre-register with David Russell-Jensen at

Language classes

Want to learn a Native language? Now is the time! SHI is offering scholarships for students who want to study the X̱aad Kíl, Sm'algyax, and Lingít languages and who are enrolled at the University of Alaska Southeast. Application deadline: Aug. 21. (Flyer)

Native Youth Olympics
coach training

Do you have an interest in supporting Native Youth Olympics (NYO) in your school or community? Become a NYO coach and start a team in your community! No experience is necessary to sign up for this free online coach training. (Flyer)

Performing arts
Naakahidi Academy

SHI will offer a two-day Indigenous performing arts workshop focusing on acting, singing, dancing, and the Tlingit language from Sept. 9-10.. The program, Naakahidi (Clan House) Academy, aadé sh kadulneek yé (the way stories are told), is meant to further the skills of Indigenous performers to act and sing in the Tlingit language and to refine their skills in dance. (Flyer)


The Juneau School District is seeking a fourth Tlingit language teacher for the groundbreaking program Tlingit, Culture, Language, and Literacy (TCLL). This position is responsible for teaching Tlingit language scope and sequence, developing teaching lessons, and teaching Tlingit language with an emphasis on proper protocols and effective strategies for conveying traditional language and culture.  

Intro to carving

SHI will sponsor an introductory class to carving with Tlingit teacher Rick Beasley from Aug. 12-27. Optional credit at the University of Alaska Southeast. Previous carving and formline design experience is encouraged. (Flyer)