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Celebration 2018
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Sealaska Heritage will sponsor Celebration 2018 from June 6-9 in Juneau. Celebration is a biennial dance-and-culture festival celebrating the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures of Southeast Alaska. Everyone is welcome! (Flyer)

Halibut Hook
hall of fame ceremony

SHI has invited a young Tlingit fisherman and his grandfather to accept an award from the Juneau Economic Development Council and the Alaska State Committee for Research (SCoR), which announced the induction of the traditional wood halibut hook into the Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame last week.

Halibut Hook
Inducted into Hall of Fame

The Juneau Economic Development Council and the Alaska State Committee for Research (SCoR) have announced the traditional wood halibut hook used by the northern Northwest Coast Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian was inducted into the SCoR Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame.

Artist/Teacher Recruitment

SHI and the Juneau School District are looking for interested artists to add to a teaching artist roster, which will be used by teachers looking for specialists to join their classrooms. These opportunities could be one class, one semester or whatever fits best for the teacher and artist. 

In the news:
NWC Art Capital in Juneau

Watching the Winter Olympics this past week, Sealaska Heritage Institute Executive Vice President Rick Harris saw something that surprised him. The Canadian snowboarding team was on screen, wearing jackets that carried designs inspired by Tlingit and Kwakiutl artwork. 

Celebration 2018
Toddler Regalia Review

SHI is hosting a Toddler Regalia Review during Celebration of 2018. This event is open to Sealaska shareholders and Shareholder descendants who are ages two (2) to four (4) years at the time of Celebration, scheduled June 6 - 9, 2018. The deadline to apply is May 11. 

Celebration 2018
Youth Art Exhibit

Sealaska Heritage will sponsor a Juried Youth Art Exhibit during Celebration 2018, which is scheduled June 6-9, 2018. Prizes range from $350-$200 (middle school) to $500-$200 (high school).  The deadline to submit applications is March 1.

Celebration 2018
Native Artist Market

Sealaska Heritage will sponsor a Native Artists Market during Celebration 2018, which is scheduled June 6-9, 2018. The deadline to submit applications is March 1.

Celebration 2018
Native Fashion Show

Sealaska Heritage will sponsor a Native high-fashion show during Celebration 2018. The institute currently is inviting artists and fashion designers to submit original pieces for the show and for models to apply. (Call for Designers) (Call for Models

Celebration 2018

SHI will sponsor contests for traditional Native foods during Celebration 2018, scheduled June 6-9. People may compete for best black seaweed, best soapberries, best seal oil and best seal oil with crackling. Prizes for first, second and third place in each category are $500, $250 and $100 .

Celebration 2018

Sealaska Heritage is accepting applications from dance groups that want to perform at Celebration 2018, scheduled June 6-9. The application deadline is March 30, 2018.

shi wins aila award

SHI’s new book Shanyaak'utlaax: Salmon Boy  has won the 2018 American Indian Youth Literature Best Picture Book Award from the American Indian Library Association (AILA). AILA, an affiliate of the American Library Association, gives awards to identify and honor “the very best writing and illustrations by and about American Indians.”

Skin-sewing workshop

SHI, in collaboration with Chilkoot Indian Association, will sponsor a skin sewing workshop with Jeremiah James in Haines from March 8-11 at the ANB/ANS Hall. Limited to 15 participants. $100 fee covers four-day class and materials. Register by March 5. (Flyer)

Northwest Coast Art
Haa Latseen Project

Sealaska Heritage  is inviting emerging Northwest Coast (NWC) artists to participate in the 2018 Haa Latseen Community Project. The project will include carving practice, business classes, formline workshops and frontlet carving. (Flyer) (Schedule)  

In the news:
"Shamanism" retreat

A shamanic retreat in Juneau led by a Californian has caught Sealaska Heritage Institute’s attention. SHI learned about the Dance of the Deer Foundation’s retreat and asked them not to come to Juneau. Despite Sealaska Heritage’s objections, the company’s owner, Brant Secunda, continues to advertise for the June retreat.


Recommended: How Devil’s Club Came to Be, by American Indians in Children's Literature—Library bookshelves virtually overflow with “retellings” of Native American traditional tales “adapted” (stolen) by non-Native writers who then profit from something that’s intrinsically Muscogee, Lakota, Tsimshian...

In the news:
SHI on Etsy

By KINY— Some Alaska Native artists have a problem with the popular hand-made sales website Etsy. Sealaska Heritage Institute President responds. SHI President Rosita Worl’s responded to the Etsy issue via email.

Job Opportunity

Opportunities: SHI is hiring for a community coordinator in Juneau for its Baby Raven Reads program. SHI also is seeking NWC art teachers and chaperones for its summer academy plus an art youth instructor in Angoon for its Jinéit Art Academy Youth Program and a community liaison in Craig. 

New Acquisition
Spruce-Root Hat

SHI has acquired a spruce-root hat made by master Haida weaver Delores Churchill that is a near replica of one found with ancient remains of an indigenous man discovered in a melting glacier in 1999. The hat includes a weaving technique called a six-strand ending that had been lost until Churchill rediscovered it.


SHI is expanding its award-winning Baby Raven Reads program to nine new communities in Southeast Alaska in an effort to promote early literacy, language development and school readiness in Alaska Native children. The program also will fund publication of new books...(more) (Baby Raven Books)

2018 schedule
calendar of events

Sealaska Heritage is offering a lot of upcoming events and opportunities in 2018, including Native art classes, Baby Raven events and summer camps for youth. Click here to see our 2018 calendar of events.