Sealaska Heritage


Lecture Series

SHI sponsors lectures by students and scholars researching Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian languages, cultures and history. Lectures are generally held in Juneau in conjunction with Native American Heritage Month in November, SHI's Visiting Scholars Program and  Celebration. The lectures at the Walter Soboleff Building are free and offered as a public service. Videos will be posted online shortly after the talks.  Videos of past lectures can be viewed here. See our calendar for upcoming lectures. The lectures below may also be taken for credit at the University of Alaska Southeast. All events scheduled from noon-1 pm.

(Flyer)  Sealaska Heritage will sponsor a free fall lecture series in 2022 on topics ranging from clan crests, lost Alaskans, historical trauma in Alaska Native peoples and whether there should be a constitutional convention. All lectures will be at the Walter Soboleff Building in Juneau and live streamed on SHI’s YouTube channel at noon Alaska time and saved to the institute’s channel immediately after.

September 8

  • Lecture: An Alaska Native Memoir: Our Lives Are Stories Telling Themselves by Ernestine Hayes

September 13

  • Lecture: How the Chookaneidí Clan Earned the Rights to Use the Devilfish/Octopus as a Crest by Fred Saat-Kaa Fulmer

September 15

  • Lecture: T’aḵdeintaan Clan and Origin of Crests by Ken Grant

September 20

  • Lecture: Shall There Be a Constitutional Convention? by Bruce Botelho

September 22

  • Lecture: Language Revitalization by Lance X̱’unei Twitchell

September 27

  • Lecture: Sukteeneidí Totem Poles by Ed Thomas

September 28

  • Lecture: Voices of the Ancestors: Inquiries Concerning Tlingit Singing at Yakutat in 1791 by Steve Langdon, Maria Williams, and Judy Ramos

October 4

  • Lecture: Epigenetics and Historical Trauma in Alaska Native Peoples by Riphan Malhi

October 6

  • Lecture: Morningside Hospital: The Lost Alaskans by Niesje Steinkruger and Eric Cordingley

October 13

  • Lecture: Yanyeidí Clan Origin and Crests by Lillian Petershoare

October 25

  • Lecture: Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Wolf by Steve Langdon

October 27

  • Lecture: The National Academy of Sciences by Thomas Thornton

Date TBA

  • Lecture: History of Teiḵweidí Clan by Dan Brown