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New Arts Campus
SHI kicks off campaign

(Website) (Brochure) (Donate) SHI has officially launched its fundraising campaign to build a Native arts campus at Heritage Square, kicking off what will become a preeminent cultural space in downtown Juneau. The Sealaska Heritage Arts Campus is phase two of SHI’s vision to make Juneau the Northwest Coast arts capital of the world and to designate NWC art a national treasure. 


Artists in Residence
David R. Boxley

SHI will sponsor the award-winning Tsimshian artist David R. Boxley as an artist-in-residence this month from Nov. 18-22. ​Boxley, who won Best of Show and Best of Formline for his piece, Txaamsem, in SHI’s 2016 Juried Art Show and Competition, will carve a piece during his residency at Sealaska Heritage. Public invited!

native american heritage

Sealaska Heritage Institute will sponsor the following lectures and special events in honor of Native American Heritage Month and Walter Soboleff Day.  All lectures are free and open to the public and will be posted online. The courses may also be taken for credit at the University of Alaska Southeast. (Flyer)

Indian Village, Rights

SHI will sponsor a lecture at noon on Monday, Nov. 18, on Juneau’s Indian Village, protecting aboriginal rights and reclaiming Native identity. The lecture, Juneau Indian Village: Pilings, Pavement and Politics, will be given by Ernestine Hayes, a Tlingit author and former Alaska State Writer Laureate 2016-2018.

ANCSA and SE Alaska

SHI will sponsor a lecture at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 19, on how Southeast Alaska came to be included in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). The lecture, The Alaska Federation of Natives and the Inclusion of Sealaska in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, will be given by Emil Notti, a long-time political activist and first president of the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN).

Father of land claims

SHI’s lecture on Native civil rights activists, including William L. Paul, Sr., who was Alaska’s first Native attorney, is now online. The lecture, Remembering William L. Paul, Sr., the Father of Land Claims, and Others was given by Dennis Demmert, a distinguished Tlingit educator.

Tlingit slavery in Alaska

SHI's lecture on In re Sah Quah, the 1886 decision that prohibited Tlingit slavery in Alaska,​ is now online. The talk, The Meaning of a Meaningless Case: In Re Sah Quah: The Perils of Common Law Indigenous Rights,” was given by David S. Case, author and later co-author of Alaska Natives and American Laws.

Metlakatla Salmon

SHI's lecture on the Metlakatla reservation salmon fishery and how that fishery provides the economic foundation for a community of 1,200 residents is now online. The talk, A Story Not Told: The Metlakatla Tsimshian Salmon Fishery on the Annette Island Reservation, Alaska, was given by Steve J. Langdon.


SHI's lecture on a pivotal lawsuit that affected both Tlingit and Haida citizens and the trajectory of the final settlement of all Alaska Native land claims under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 in now online. The lecture, The Tlingit & Haida Indians of Alaska v. United States, was given by attorney Chris E. McNeil, Jr....(more).

Celebration 2020

SHI is accepting applications for volunteer positions at Celebration 2020. Volunteers who donate a minimum of four hours get a free, one-day pass! Thank you volunteers, we could not do Celebration without you! 

Celebration 2020
Apply: Dance Groups

SHI is accepting applications for dance groups to perform at Celebration 2020, scheduled June 10-13. Application deadline: March 27

Celebration 2020
Apply: Fashion Show

Sealaska Heritage is accepting applications its Indigenous Fashion Show, which will be held during Celebration 2020. The show is open to Indigenous artists and designers who are Alaska Native, First Nation or Native American. Preference is given to high-fashion and haute couture clothing that displays innovative use of traditional Indigenous styles and materials.


Celebration 2020
Apply: Juried art show

Sealaska Heritage is accepting applications its Juried Art Show and Competition (JAS), which will be held during Celebration 2020. The juried art show is open to Alaska Native and Native American artists who practice Northwest Coast arts...(more)


Celebration 2020
Apply: Native Artist Market

SHI is accepting applications for its Native Artist Market, which will be held during Celebration 2020. The market is scheduled June 10-13. Application deadline: May 15. 

Celebration 2020
Apply: Youth Art Exhibit

SHI is accepting applications for its Juried Youth Art Exhibit, which will be held during Celebration 2020. The art exhibit is open to students in grades 6-12, who will compete in middle and high school divisions. Art accepted for the show will be on display from June 5-27. There is no application fee. Application deadline: March 27.

Celebration 2020
toddler regalia review

SHI will host a Toddler Regalia Review during Celebration 2020, scheduled June 10-13. The review is open to children ages 2-4. Application deadline: May 15. We hope to see your toddler at Celebration’s most adorable event!

Celebration 2020
Native Food Contests

SHI will hold food competitions for best seaweed, soapberries, seal oil, and seal oil with crackling (fat) during Celebration 2020. Applicants will compete for the following prizes: First Place, $500; Second Place, $250; and Third Place, $100. Registration deadline: May 15. 

Job OpportunitIES

SHI is seeking a public education and communications assistant, an art project coordinator, a Lingít language project coordinator, a STEM project coordinator, a STEM project manager, a STEM education project assistant, a community coordinator, a education administrative assistant, and a director of culture and history.

Native Youth Olympics
Fall Training

(JDHS Schedule) (TMHS Schedule) Fall practice is open for high school students who want to join Juneau’s Native Youth Olympics team. This program is open to all Juneau students. For more info contact Kyle Khaayák'w Worl at 

Celebration 2020
Art, Fashion Show Apps Out

Sealaska Heritage is accepting applications its Juried Art Show and Competition (JAS) and Indigenous Fashion Show, which will be held during Celebration 2020, scheduled June 10-13. App deadlines: Jan. 8 and March 16 respectively.  (JAS Application) (Fashion Show Application)


Every Tuesday and Thursday, one dance group from Celebration 2018 will be posted on Sealaska Heritage’s YouTube channel. Subscribe free and receive updates or watch anytime without subscribing. (Schedule)

In the news:
Blood Quantum

By Ben Hohenstatt, Juneau Empire— Blood simple: Is it time to rethink how Native is defined? SHI President Rosita Worl: “Could this ultimately lead to our cultural extinction? In the long term, in my humble opinion, I would have to answer yes.”


SHI and HIA will begin the second phase of a collaborative genetics study next week that explores how historical trauma associated with European colonization may have changed the DNA of Native people. The team is studying the biological basis shaping adverse health outcomes.

In the news:
Arts campus

By Ben Hohenstatt, Juneau Empire—Sealaska Heritage Institute is launching a fundraising campaign to build a new arts campus with most of the money needed already in hand. The nonprofit for protecting and promoting Alaska Native arts and cultures announced Wednesday it received a federal grant of more than $5.6 million. (Video)